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Our Guiding Principles

  1. Ensure that we follow our Core Ideology (our Mission) in every endeavor: PIM Global Logistics Exists To Exceed Expectations. Accomplish this Mission through effective and efficient management.

  2. Through strict adherence to our Core Ideology we will treat the logistics services buying public with a world class buying experience that will encourage them to return willingly and to share their experience with others.

  3. Believe that our people make all the difference. Strive to always create an environment that recognizes this fact. Treat everyone fairly, and with respect. Give everyone clear responsibilities, and hold them accountable. Support them with education and benefits, and the best tools to get to the job done. Ensure the opportunity for advancement. Encourage enthusiasm and positive attitudes. Foster an ongoing attitude of Teamwork and a Team spirit in all that we do.

  4. Treat all suppliers reasonably, fairly, and with respect, and strive to attain the same treatment for our company from them.

  5. Maintain a strict adherence to hiring only the best people, and to having the cleanest trucks, equipment, and facilities to exemplify the professional service we provide.

  6. Price our services competitively, while ensuring sound profitability for the Company.

  7. Do what you say you are going to do, and maintain unquestionable integrity.

  8. Commit to continuous improvement and strive for perfection.

  9. Conduct our business with the utmost respect for personal safety and environmental protection.

  10. Always realize that we are Ladies & Gentlemen, serving Ladies & Gentlemen.


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