Our goal is to set the standard for communication in our industry. To hold ourselves accountable to do just that, we proudly offer a Guaranteed Follow-Up: if we do not call or e-mail you by 10 A.M. the following business day, with an exact, accurate status update on your shipment status, then we will not invoice for that shipment. Regardless of the service level, from Next Day to Deferred, and regardless of weight or destination, if we do not make the initial contact, we will not charge for the service. It's a powerful guarantee that you can count on.

It is important to realize that we offer this not as a gimmick, but as a way of ensuring you receive information without having to first come and look for it. It is about being proactive. And being proactive and having better communication about your supply chain processes can be a true business advantage in today's marketplace. Rest assured, as your logistics partner, we will always look for ways to give you an advantage.

PIM Global: you can count on us to provide constant shipping
and handling information every step of the way."

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