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PIM Global Logistics Joins TSA Certified Cargo Screening Program As Shipping Industry Prepares for 100% Screening Requirements

Program allows PIM Global Logistics to minimize cargo delays at airports by screening shipments beforehand at its own qualified facilities.

LOS ANGELES, CA – August 20, 2009: Amid TSA concerns over US shippers' lack of impact awareness about 100% screening issues, PIM Global Logistics, a leading provider of heavyweight shipping and logistics services, today has been approved to become a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF).

The certification comes as the TSA prepares to enact the implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007 legislation, which mandates 100% screening of cargo at the piece level, originating in the U.S and transported on passenger aircraft by 2010. It enables PIM Global Logistics to screen cargo prior to acceptance at the freight forwarder or air carrier, thus decreasing cargo delays at the airports and expediting supply chain flow for their customers.

"The TSA anticipates a 300% increase in cargo requiring screening by the time its legislation goes into effect in August 2010," said Kelvin Coze, President of PIM Global Logistics. "By taking the proactive steps to acquire this certification, PIM Global Logistics is enabling its customers to avoid the time-consuming and cost-intensive screening process at the airports, thereby reducing their shipping times and minimizing associated delays."

The TSA Certified Cargo Screening Program allows screening of cargo early in the air cargo supply chain by a trusted, vetted, and audited facility; initiates and maintains the integrity of a shipment throughout the supply chain by utilizing stringent chain of custody methods; and enables PIM Global Logistics to incorporate physical screening into the packing process. As a result, customers will be able to avoid the significant airport handling delays that are anticipated as non-CCSP shipments endure the required screening.

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PIM Global Logistics is a leading global provider of heavyweight shipping and logistics services for the technology, medical products, and healthcare industries. Its offerings include worldwide transportation, warehousing, inventory control, crating, labeling, and final shipping to every city in the United States, as well as most cities and towns worldwide. Exclusive customer tools and cutting edge tracking capabilities provide companies with complete visibility over all of their shipments in real time. To learn more about PIM Global Logistics, call 866-746-3322 or visit

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