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PIM Global Logistics Introduces One-Stop Information Hub for Shipping Managers Who Are Short on Time

Innovative new online tools allow shipping and logistics managers to maximize delivery speeds while minimizing associated costs.

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 1, 2009: PIM Global Logistics, a leading provider of heavyweight shipping and logistics services, today announced the launch of a new online information hub that delivers real time, mission-critical shipping tools, news, and resources to shipping managers all from a single location.

Now available at the PIM Global Logistics website (, the new information hub provides access to key US Customs information, as well as the latest updates from TSA. It also gives users access to the most current fuel surcharges, a dimensional weight calculator, and a variety of other intuitive shipping tools.

"With everything they oversee on a daily basis, shipping managers are notoriously short on time," said Kelvin Coze, President of PIM Global Logistics. "Instead of having to track down these multiple resources on their own, one quick visit to the new information hub on our website now provides all the information they need to make informed decisions about their logistics strategies."

In addition to the online information hub, PIM Global Logistics has also released the latest version of its MobileTracking solution, allowing customers to track and report the status of their shipments in real time on any web-enabled mobile phone. The complete series of new online tools helps to cement the reputation of PIM Global Logistics as one of the most innovative and customer-focused companies in the logistics industry.

About PIM Global Logistics

PIM Global Logistics is a leading global provider of heavyweight shipping and logistics services for the technology, medical products, and healthcare industries. Its offerings include worldwide transportation, warehousing, inventory control, crating, labeling, and final shipping to every city in the United States, as well as most cities and towns worldwide. Exclusive customer tools and cutting edge tracking capabilities provide companies with complete visibility over all of their shipments in real time.

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