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(Los Angeles - June 10, 2015)

The LAX team recently completed a door to door move of a high-value, pre-century horse carriage here in the Los Angeles area. The shipment required the coordination of several types of specialized equipment, from flatbed trucks, to forklifts and motorized offloading ramps. Not to mention the use of several individuals and security personnel to escort the valuable, rare, and one-of-a-kind antiques. It also involved special challenges such as having to be moved from a hilly residential area, gain access to Los Angeles' notoriously busy freeways, and make final mile delivery to a facility built to accommodate such a piece.

“The move was flawless,” said LAX Manager Brian Blanchard. “And as seamless as it was, what made it extra special was the devotion and energy the entire team put behind it to make it successful. While not an easy task, we were able to coordinate everything in a timely manner, to the satisfaction of this very important client,” reiterated Blanchard.

PIM Global welcomes (and performs) specialized moves like this on a regular basis. If you require such expertise and handling, please do not hesitate to call or email us at

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