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Dallas, TX Added To Expanding PIM Network

(Los Angeles—July 18, 2012) PIM Global Logistics is excited to announce the opening of our latest location in Dallas, Texas.

"The addition of Dallas to our growing network is a strategic move, designed to enhance our ability to serve clients with product distribution in and out of greater Texas and the Midwestern consumer and business markets," explains Dave Del Castello, COO. "The location is also important as it ties together the volume of traffic PIM Global handles between the West Coast and technology markets in Texas, adds Mr. Del Castello. "Nothing on this lane is sub-contracted. It is under the complete care and responsibility of PIM Global the entire way."

"The new facility will offer a complete menu of services, including domestic & international air freight, warehousing, distribution, and total logistics services. And, as noted above, it offers our clients a primary consolidation center and gateway for their shipments ultimately going into and out of major markets throughout the southwest," says Kelvin Coze, President.

The force behind the newest addition to our growing list of locations is team member Mr. Tim Huett. Tim brings over 20 years' worth of experience to the position. "Dallas comes to us with us over 15,000 square feet of warehousing capabilities, 24/7 access and complete security enhancements such as motion detectors, CCTV, and on-site guards. It is also close to the DFW international airport, and has a fleet of several trucks based there, including five (5) 24' foot bobtail-style trucks, two (2) 53' dry vans, and a 48' foot flatbed. All vehicles come complete with air-ride suspension and the necessary complement of straps, load bars, and locks to ensure proper and safe and secure handling of our client's high-value commodities," adds Coze. "Security is a primary concern for us. By adding the building enhancements, and handling shipments from the West Coast exclusively on our own vehicles, we have taken extraordinary steps to ensure that security is real, and not just a bunch of smoke & mirrors."

You can reach Tim and his team at: 817-251-9160, or by e-mail at

The new facility is located at:

PIM Global Logistics
701 Hanover Drive
Dallas, TX U.S.A. 76051

Please join us in welcoming Dallas to our group!

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