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Weekly Dedicated Truck to Miami!

(Los Angeles—March 14, 2012)  PIM Global is excited to announce the implementation of a weekly fully-dedicated truck from Los Angles to Miami!

The truck departs every Friday by 11:30 P.M., with arrival at 8:30 A.M. the following Monday,” explains Kelvin Coze, CEO.  “This is a fully-dedicated, non-stopping, sealed, air-ride 53’ foot long vehicle.  By consolidating all our South Florida-bound shipments throughout the week, we can offer a powerful combination of a dedicated unit, rapid service, and low rates to our customers with shipments going that direction,” explains Coze.

One of the reasons PIM Global is focusing on this lane is to enhance customer’s supply chains and product distribution into the Central and South America markets.  Miami is the traditional gateway to most major cities in those areas.  By providing a cost-effective, over-the-weekend service, they can take advantage of the airlift departures as early as Monday afternoon.  In essence, product pulled and packed as late as Friday, can be into most South American major cities by Monday night or Tuesday, without having to ship directly from California via standard passenger airlines.  Those are often narrow-body aircraft as well, greatly limiting the size and weight of cargo they can handle.  From Miami there are numerous daily all-cargo aircraft departing, so the chance of a shipment being “bumped” is greatly reduced.  Most importantly, the additional capacity and lift drives rates even lower.

“We like to jokingly say that the truck is our ‘wingless widebody’ contribution to the air freight supply chain into Central and South America,” says Coze.  “Basically we want to give our clients a seamless option, for almost any size shipment, at almost any weight.”

For more details, please contact our LAX facility at:
1-866-PIM-3322 (1-866-746-3322).

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